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June 2021


One Step Ahead.
ViGEM Products For Advanced Mobility Projects

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ViGEM´s state-of-the-art products for mobile Big Data Logging are used by customers worldwide in field operational tests (FOT) and demanding automotive engineering projects. Today, we present the latest solutions of our CCA 9010 product family for efficient validation of advanced functions in ADAS and autonomous driving.

Depending on your specific project requirements, you can now choose between our new mid-range model CCA 9010-50 and our proven high-end solution CCA 9010-100 for convenient use in prototype vehicles or development environments. Our proven removable data storage devices can now be equipped with valuable new features allowing higher performance and more flexibility.

Test4_Data Logger 9010-50_Rear_neu
NEW! CCA 9010-50

The data logger CCA 9010-50 was developed for R&D projects with continuous data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. More than 40 interfaces enable the reliable, nanosecond-synchronized recording of camera, radar, lidar data, and automotive buses. This mid-range model is compatible with all external capture modules and all removable data storage devices of the CCA 9010 family.

ViGEM removable data storage
Higher Performance.
More Flexibility.
For demanding future projects, a new variant of our removable data storage devices provides additional features such as double backplane bandwidth and an optimized thermal design.

Also with this enhanced variant, ViGEM customers benefit from the proven performance features of the CCA S1016T-I, S1060T-I and S1064T-I modules, such as:

- Robust enclosures
- Data storage capacities up to 64 TB
- Extended temperature ranges
- Data encryption

The new variant allows shorter lead times in the event of service as well as fast and flexible adaptation to changing customer requirements.
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The CCA RACK10 is a hardware-only storage adapter rack, including a power supply. It was developed for individual engineering projects offering data processing experts full freedom in the design of their own software solutions as well as direct low-level access to the removable data storage of the CCA 9010.
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About ViGEM:
As one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance data loggers, ViGEM supports customers in the development of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. Our integrated project-specific solutions consisting of a high-performance CCA (Car Communication Analyzers) data logger, a robust removable data storage and a powerful copy station. ViGEM´s Big Data Logging solutions have set standards in mobile measurement and diagnostic electronics for more than 10 years.
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